The Railway, feat. Smokey Phi Phi – Review

Hey, it’s Kerry here!

Holy smokes! Is the phrase I’d like to use to begin our review for The Railway’s new streetfood Thai menu! We were invited to a feast of every dish on the new menu at the time (it may vary daily depending on what’s fresh from the market). The CFB team have been coming to The Railway for the last five years), so we know it well and were big fans of their previous menu glorifying the humble sausage in many delicious ways.

We loved The Railway for it’s relaxed atmosphere, simple food done well, filling portion sizes, great range of sausage flavours and stay for food or just a pint for an entire afternoon and no one would ever pester you. Happy to report they don’t appear to have changed a thing, bar the menu. You may not know this but The Railway is owned by the same team who run The Vine, another Thai restaurant pub combination in Cheltenham, and reassuringly, the food there is very good also.

It’s a textbook choice, like going into Wagamama and ordering the Chicken Katsu, but I’d always go for the Massaman curry at The Vine because it makes me squee, but you’ll find a different take on Thai food at The Railway. Cheltenham has a fair few more ‘traditional’ Thai eateries and most of them are very good, but I have to say I’ve not had Thai food like The Railway’s before. Smokey Phi Phi has developed a BBQ Thai streetfood menu, good for sharing, or… not. Now let’s show you the food…

Breaded pork bites
Smoked pork
Chilli chicken cooked in fish sauce
Barbecued sriraja prawns

All the starter or little dishes came with their own personalised pot of dipping sauce and they packed a massive, flavourful smack on the taste buds!

Smoked sirloin with lemongrass and chilli salad


Smokey vegetable suki jay


Crispy sea bream with eastern herb salad


Dish of the night for us – Smoked crispy pork belly (that stayed crispy) in the most delicious, moreish rendang sauce.

Although the Pork belly in the picture above was our dish of the night, another that I wont forget in hurry is their smokey vegetables (see picture of smokey vegetable suki jay above). It might not sound that fun but OMG does smoking veggies do it for me!

By offering some stonkingly yummy smaller dishes, you can stop by for a drink and some lighter bites or lots of sharing dishes, or you can go traditional starter and main. All the mains are served with a cute pillow of perfect sticky rice (if you order it you’ll see what I mean) and they are priced very fairly (around £10-14).

A surprising combination of cosy, casual pub and Thai restaurant with consistent smokey undertone to most of the dishes. It works for all the best foods – bacon, salmon, cheese and clearly Thai food also!

We were so impressed by the new tastes at The Railway, that I’ve booked to go back for a team meal at Christmas.

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