Delhi Heights – Bringing Indian Street Food to Cheltenham

If you looked at Cheltenham’s food scene 10 years ago, you’d be hard pushed to find a restaurant that wasn’t an Italian chain. Thankfully, things have changed with a wave of fresh, new blood in the town – Kibou, East India Cafe and The Coconut Tree to name just three out of many tremendous establishments who have made dining in Cheltenham exciting again.

Delhi Heights officially arrives in Cheltenham this coming Wednesday, but have opened for previews this weekend. Picking up on the immensely popular street-food scene (another shout-out to The Coconut Tree); Delhi Heights offers a new take on Indian fusion.

Make your own Indian bowl, selecting a base, protein, curry sauce and toppings; or for the more indecisive they offer a more straight-forward fusion options (dubbed ‘The Heights’) of fish & chips, karma burger, tandoori prawn roll or rose water biryani. These can be paired with standard sides like fries/naan/bhajis or premium sides of truffle oil, cheddar cheese or a Cotswold fried egg.

We created a bowl consisting of masala fries, old school masala sauce (which takes around 24 hours to make), with chicken. This was a perfect lunch-time meal in size and price, and the curry sauce could be called as good as you’d find in any premium restaurant. We also tried the rose water biryani, which looked as stunning as it tasted, and bursting with fresh, quality ingredients. A complex rice dish where you can tell every element in the box had been carefully considered. I would stress the food really has to be tried to be believed!

^ Dehli Bowl – Masala Fries with Old School Masala Sauce

^ Rose Water Biryani 

Launched by experienced chef Christopher Davey, Delhi Heights takes up residence on Grosvenor Street where Real Burger began, and we hope that this venture has an equally strong start before becoming a Cheltenham icon.

^ The best mango chutney

Check out Dehli Heights for yourself from Wednesday.

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