Baker and Graze – Review

The Suffolks is a little cultural hotspot in Cheltenham with a variety of independent shops and businesses where you can get anything from rhinoplasty to ‘Gatsby worthy’ antique chandeliers and it’s here you’ll also find Cheltenham’s most eccentric barbers (look out for the resident parrot).

Every year there’s a street fair and Christmas Market and on Sunday throughout Spring/Summer you’ll find a fascinating market full of interesting curios and crafts and it’s also a good opportunity to talk to the proud, local business owners.

Baker and Graze joined this buzzing community at the beginning of the year and word has spread fast among our friends on what a delight it is! 7 days a week they serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and they’re a bakery. During the weekend you can even stay for dinner and drink your way through their wine list, expertly curated by Kate Hawkings from The Guild of Food Writers who is a self professed wine geek and a restaurant co-owner herself. I’m sold!

I paid a visit with 14 colleagues for a working breakfast as we were able to hire the upstairs space and use their ridiculously large table. It was the perfect size to fit our group around. Our experience began with a coffee that made you want to sip it extra slowly to savour the taste, or a cup of loose leaf tea from a weighty, orange teapot that had a beautiful patina. A request for soya milk was no problem.

­­Onto breakfast and below is a photo of the homemade granola topped with Greek yogurt and blueberry and plum compote. I really appreciate it when a restaurant goes to the length of creating their own granola. No two bowls between establishments are ever the same, as there are so many different ingredients you can add to make it individual. Rabbit food it most certainly isn’t.

Up next is the doorstop sausage brown bread sandwich. Not a stunner in the photo but it’s a proper a sandwich! There’s no point in reinventing the sausage sandwich is there? Just make it the best it can be with quality sausages and fresh bread, which is exactly what Baker and Graze have done.

Onto the fennel sausages with kale on a large slice of sourdough toast with anchovy butter. I often have the perception that sourdough bread is going to be a nightmare to slice through as it’s so brittle, however this sourdough wasn’t as much effort and the steam from the sausages and moisture from the wilted kale and melted butter helped it to soften a tad. The fennel flavour through the sausages was light and the anchovy helped to season the whole dish well. I felt delightfully sophisticated as I devoured this rather grown up breakfast. And then I splodged on a big dolloped of ketchup… just kidding!

The great thing is, if you’ve enjoyed the bread you’ve just eaten with your breakfast, you can take some home with you to keep you going until you come back again! The next taste I need to tick off is one of their proper donuts!





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