Blue Orchid – Gloucester

All you can eat Chinese is tough to get right. The serve-your-self style (Real China, Angel Chef) often sacrifices quantity over quality, leading to a less-than-average experience and luke-warm food.

Blue Orchid in Gloucester (well, Kingsway) follows the same model as Golden Mountain by offering a ‘order-as-you-go’ extensive menu. You can go forwards and backwards through courses, and most orders are on the table within 5-10 mins.

The decor is clean and modern – you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a hotel’s function room – which perhaps brings my biggest issue; character. This place lacks it in all respects – food, decor, surroundings. It’s a shame as so many similar venues that promise so much, actually deliver so little.

As an overall meal, it’s fairly good value but just lacked that taste to make it a place to rave about.


I went to Blue Orchid with Mike during the visit above.  I agree with almost everything he has said apart from I do not believe the food was good value at all.  It was cheap don’t get me wrong, but the food was terrible.

All you can eat seemed to be a new option for them and I’m not sure it worked.  I was bitterly disappointed and it still annoys me to this day that we spent money on petrol to get there.

I will not be going back, sorry not sorry.

1/5 (because it is edible)


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