Greek on the Docks, Gloucester

Joining the Gloucester Keys development earlier this year (while Ed’s Diner makes a swift exit) is Greek on the Docks. Following some strong TripAdvisor reviews, and some firm support over a low hygiene score, this modern take on authentic Greek fare boasts and extensive menus and friendly staff.

Reservations-only on a busy Wednesday night, we’d thankfully called in advance and secured a spacious booth towards the back. Our enthusiastic and more importantly Greek waitress bantered with us to try and read our food selections out loud, giggling as we failed miserably.

A fairly large selection of items, albeit slightly on the premium side; I chose a mix of Greek dips and bread to start, and Pastitsada Kerkira (number 63 on the menu) as a main. Now, let me be perfectly honest – as nice as the dish was (3 out of 4 of us went for the same), it didn’t look great and with huge straws of pasta was tough to eat. I will post the photo below which makes it look even worse, but again it was a perfectly nice dish.


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So why does this read like I’m disappointed? Well, the remaining member of our group had Souvlaki (92) which arrived with beautifully tender pieces of pork and generously thick cut fries. Food envy indeed.

At around £22.50 each for starter, main and drink; you can eat cheaper – however it’s a great and different food experience from your regular burger or pizza.

We did a final fly-by of Ed’s Diner afterwards for a cheeky (and potentially last) milkshake!


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