The Wild Beer Company’s Breakfast

I love a good breakfast.  It kick-starts a productive day and can be the one thing that gets rid of the squiffy head from the night before.  I know our very own Mike likes a Berocca, but I generally don’t trust something that changes the colour of your pee.

Anyway, Mike and I decided to meet in town last weekend and headed somewhere we hadn’t been before.  We chose The Wild Beer Company and met in the morning – I think we were first in the door that day.

We sat down, grabbed a menu off the wall on the way to a table near the front window and chose our food and hot drink.  We both had their Full English (which was almost definitely called something else) Mike’s with a fried egg, mine with scrambled – I’m pretty sure with a fried egg you get 1 egg, but with scrambled you normally get two or three to bulk it up a touch (top-tip).

I went and ordered at the bar; two Full English, a tea and a coffee.  The tea comes pretty much as standard (although they only seem to have the one tea pot which seems odd), but the coffee comes in a 2 or 5 person cafetiere.  This is fine for me as I would normally destroy 2 coffees over breakfast anyway but it could be far too much for someone who doesn’t want that much.

We didn’t have to wait long, less than 5 minutes for the drinks and less than 15 for the food.  The coffee was great (I didn’t try the tea – apologies) and I would go back just for that.  The food was also really nice.

The Wild Beer Company’s breakfast

As you can see it wasn’t a traditional Full English, but that’s what I really liked.  The stack started on a base of fried bread with smoked streaky bacon, mushrooms and small soft balls of black pudding.  Next was spiced beans and tomatoes both full of flavour and a great addition – and I’m not a lover of tomato on a breakfast.

The sausage wasn’t the largest but tasted top quality.  The scrambled eggs were great too – maybe very slightly more done that I would do for myself, but absolutely not overdone or rubbery in the slightest (I like to keep them quite sloppy, cooked through of course but more fluid).

The service was great, the surroundings were really nice too.  As you’d expect it did not smell like beer or shame like a Weatherspoons usually does.  The two breakfasts, coffee and two teas costs £28 in total, I think the coffee was slightly more expensive than the tea.

This isn’t the cheapest breakfast you can get.  It’s not the largest breakfast either.  But it is really nice, served with a smile by friendly staff in a great location in the centre of town.  It’s not going to become an every week haunt for me but I will be going back in the future, definitely!



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