Paparrito’s – Burrito Brilliance

Paparritos1Here’s a fast review about a fast food establishment in on the High Street in Cheltenham….You may have heard about it, but you’ve likely just walked past it…it’s Paparrito’s. This Subway style, Mexican eatery will draw me to the questionable end of the High Street faster than the rocket-heeled Mexican mouse, Speedy Gonzales! The restaurant itself is modest in size but comfortable and trendy and I have extra respect for their choice in dining chairs. It’s a pleasing place to eat in while you gaze at all varieties of life trundling past the large windows. On another plus side, more often than not I find the staff pretty upbeat and helpful.

Onto the food…

It’s served quickly and you can take full control over building your burrito! Chicken, pork, slow braised beef? Brown or white rice? Mild, medium, or hot? Guac for 50p? Oooo…yee…no thanks. Black beans are a no from me, but I’m happy for the staff to heap on everything else and they certainly do! These burritos are big buggers and it’s a near miracle they manage to neatly roll them up. Each one comes helpfully wrapped in foil so you can peel them as you chow down.

Paparritos2For those who are a little more carb conscious they offer the Californian Burrito (the innards of a normal Burrito served in a bowl), again freshly made in front of you with your choice of ingredients. Crispy tacos are on the menu and a few other options, but I’ve been the one with my tray of mini tacos (as perfectly tasty/crunchy as they were) wishing I’d had the burrito. I was plagued with regret for an entire evening.

There’s a station by the door for cutlery, napkins (you’ll need them) and if you like to taste the vibe you can help yourself to what I believe is homemade hot sauce that’s delicious and punchy!

Paparitto’s burritos ooze deliciousness, the veggies taste fresh and crunchy and the rice is always perfectly cooked. It’s obviously a healthier fast food option than some other chains, but it still feels like a treat! From £4.50-£5.50 (not much more than an uninspiring toastie from the M&S café) one of these hefty beauties can be yours. Upon payment don’t forget to ask for a loyalty card!

In short, I love the food at Paparitto’s. It’s all it needs to be!



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