Fat Toni’s – Review

A very long time ago some friends told Helen and I about a new pizzeria in Stroud.  A more authentic offering that the standard kebab shops with a pizza oven (donnar meat on a pizza, come on) or high volume and (in my opinion) poor quality from the American brands.

The first bit of good news, they don’t fry their base in oil like a certain hut of pizza (you know that slightly greasy crispy base – I’m pretty sure they put oil in the pan and shallow fry the base).

Second bit of good news, they use sour dough bases which taste EPIC!  They’re so flavourful by themselves – they’re a beautiful thing, especially with a touch of garlic butter to dip them in.  Top tip: don’t get dough balls at other pizzerias, eat your pizza and save the crusts until the end.  Then eat them by themselves, trust me.

Fat Toin's 4-way 20" pizzaThird bit of good news, they taste better than pretty much any pizza I’ve ever had.

Now for the bad news, they’re not yet in Cheltenham…but are coming!  It’s not really bad news of course, every company has to start somewhere and Stroud was where they decided to setup base.  Since starting they’ve opened two more stores in Cam and Gloucester – proof they’re obviously doing something right.  There have also been articles in the local press about a Fat Toni’s restaurant opening up in Cheltenham…

…I asked one of the owners about this when I was there last Saturday and although he couldn’t give too many details he did say it was happening he just couldn’t say where or when…but this year looks likely.

The pizza pictured had 4 sets of toppings; the inferno (level 1), the yankee, the alice in wonderland and a Forrest Green special.  It was also a 20 inch pizza…it was huge!  It only just fitted in the car.  It’s always fresh and tastes like it.  It’s never too oily like the larger American brands with their greasy almost-see-through cardboard boxes and if you go into the store itself, you can see it being made, with care and passion.  The staff are friendly and chatty even when it’s really busy.

Everyone just cares, and you can taste it.  Best pizza take-away/pick-up place I’ve probably ever been.  Looks and tastes authentic and amazing.


Website – http://www.fattoni.co.uk/


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