The Weighbridge Inn and the famous 2in1 Pie

The Weighbridge Inn is the definition of old English Pub.  Walking into the bar, the area is small and quite dark with sharp agricultural items on the wall and amazing beer on tap.  The second room is lighter but just as quintessentially British.

Now for the jewel in the crown, the 2 in 1 pie.  They offer a few choices depending on the season (which I love).  They’re 2 in 1 as there is a main dish and a side dish in each pot and the main part is topped with a very short crust pastry that melts in the mouth.

I normally have the Steak and Mushroom with broccoli mornay.  Helen will switch it up but last time had the Game pie with cauliflower cheese.

They come out quickly after being ordered piping hot and smelling amazing.  I love the way the fillings drizzle over the edge as they cook and bubble.  They’re handed over on a wooden board and it’s all you need.  At first they can look quite small, but they’re deceiving and fill you up quickly.

I love this place.  The beer.  The location.  The pies.  The whole package is a winner and if I lived closer I’d go a lot more often.  They also offer take away-cook at home pies.  What’s not to love.

The Weighbridge Inn gets 5/5!

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The Weighbridge Inn - GL6 9AL
The Weighbridge Inn – GL6 9AL

UPDATE – 4th December 2016:  Helen and I went back to the Weighbridge for a 2in1 pie with her work colleague and partner.  As always I had to go for the steak and mushroom with broccoli mornay.  And as always it was to-die-for.  I even took a photo…

Still 5/5.  Nom.


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