Number 23 – Stroud’s British Tapas Restaurant

Number 23 has great reviews on TripAdvisor so Helen and I decided to go one Sunday evening with my parents and Grandmother.  We had been before but that was probably two years ago.

The restaurant is at the top of Stroud, up the high street and further still.  It’s got a couple of car parks really close and it’s easy to get to.  The decor is great and only a little bit ‘Stroud’, this is hard to explain.  But Stroud is a great town that has embraced the organic food movement.  It’s a town of creative people who love what they do.  It’s a little hippy-ish too at some times but I don’t think this is a bad thing.

Number 23 - Duck
Number 23 – Oriental Spiced Pan Fried Duck – NOT OUR FOOD. Image from TripAdvisor – click to see more.

We were shown to our table by the hostess who may have been the owner I’m not sure.  She was friendly and knew about everything on the menu.  She explained about all the food available and the specials.  Being a Sunday unfortunately the tapas wasn’t on as they had done a roast and only had a small kitchen (specials were available).

Between us we ordered 3 burgers, a roast dinner, Cajun chicken and some drinks.  They have some of Stroud brewery’s finest beers in cans at the bar which is great to see.  The food came after about 15 minutes apart from one burger which seemed to take an extra 5, but it wasn’t too much of a problem.

The burger I had was great, it was pork a chorizo burger which was huge on a nice bun with a lot of salad and chips.  The Cajun chicken looked and tasted good too but was cold which was a shame.  The roast dinner was huge.  There was so much food, it looked like a portion someone would grab from a Toby Carvery but 1000 times better.  There was plenty of everything and the meat looked like half a joint.  Unfortunately some of the veg were cold too.

I really enjoyed my burger (which was a special) and I would definitely have it again.  The chicken was also great and if hot, I’d have that too (not at the same time of course…probably).  I ordered a cheesecake for dessert which could be one of the nicest I’ve ever had, it was a generous portion with a great coulis.

Overall I really enjoyed my food at Number 23, the staff were great and I loved what I had to eat.  It was a shame bits were cold, but it was rectified quickly and without hesitation.

3/5 – (easily a 4 had there not been a couple of little issues)


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