The Cotswolds Cook Book

Recently, a new book was released called The Cotswolds Cook Book.

It’s been compiled by Anna Tebble, a Stroudie, like me and Kerry.  It’s a collection of 40 recipes from around the region from different chefs, suppliers or producers.

I absolutely love that Anna has taken the time to travel the Cotswolds and get to know people in order to put this book together.  This project not only showcases the fantastic food available but the stories and passions behind it.

The Cotswolds Cook Book has some really well-known participants including David Everitt-Matthias (Cotswold Chef of the Year) and MasterChef: The Professionals contestant Wayne Sullivan.

“It’s been a pleasure taking part in The Cotswold Cook Book. My wife and I decided to move to The Cotswolds from London 30 years ago, we had intended to stay just a few years, but we fell in love with the area and its rich larder including so many small scale and respectable producers. The Cotswold Cook Book celebrates some of the best in the region from a high end Indian restaurant to a great local distillery and farmers market. Enjoy the book and get cooking!” says the proprietor of Le Champignon Sauvage, David Everritt-Matthias, who shared the recipe for their chocolate and walnut oil ganache with roasted pears.

Other contributors include Bibury trout farm, Star Bistro, travelling-inspired café The Straw Kitchen, The Sweet Potato Spirit Company, The Little Pickle, Cotswold Taste, and many more.

“We are truly thrilled to be featured in The Cotswolds Cook Book, we live and work in an absolutely fantastic region with some brilliant chefs and food businesses.

“Since we set up The Little Pickle just over two years ago, we’ve been cooking our way around all corners of the Cotswolds and we’ve enjoyed every second of it,” says Alex from The Little Pickle who gave their recipe for gin & beetroot cured salmon with beetroot slaw and salmon croquettes.

Executive chair of Cotswold Taste Nick Waloff praised the prosperity of the area’s independent food scene, being one of many who excitedly awaits the book’s release: “The Cotswolds region produces great food and drink, and The Cotswolds Cook Book is a truly spectacular romp through some of the best of the best. Cotswold Taste is very pleased to be a part of the action. Well done, Meze Publishing!”

We can’t wait to get out copy through soon.  I hope we’ll be able to put some pictures up on our Instagram and Facebook pages of the results.  We won’t be putting the actual recipes up as the book is so special and we don’t want to take away from the amazing product.

Good luck to fellow Stroud-born Anna Tebble with this book and thank you Meze Publishing for working with her.

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