The Giggling Squid – review

I drive past this place on the way to work every day and have to say I was enticed in for lunch purely due to the name. There are a number of Giggling Squids around the UK but admittedly I haven’t heard of them before and they really don’t come across as a chain. Specialising in Thai tapas the menu offers great value offerings for those with a big appetite.

I was drawn in by the tapas sets and probably spent far too much of my time whittling my preference down to the ‘two giggling squids’ set (to be honest I could have happily had any of the sets as they sounded delicious). The one I went for contained chicken massaman, salt and pepper squid, beef salad and jasmine rice. This all came for £11.95 which for the portion sizes did seem reasonable, for those who want a little less though you can get two dishes with rice for around £8.

I was really impressed by the food, the massaman was great, sometimes it can be a bit too salty but this wasn’t a problem here. I am used to beef massaman but here the offering was lamb or chicken. I tend not to go for chicken curries as the meat can sometimes be dry but it wasn’t at all, my only criticism was there wasn’t much potato but actually that was probably because of the generous amount of meat. It was a little tricky eating the curry and the rice together with such a small bowl, you do end up having to do a bite of rice, spoon of curry thing.

The beef salad was so tender and delicious, careful if you don’t like spice as you will need a glass or two of milk. I have to say the squid was some of the best that I have eaten recently, it was thickly cut meaning it hasn’t overcooked and was super soft with no rubberiness at all. The batter was really crispy and it was served with just a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce. I left it to the end as it was the best thing on the plate.

The service at times was a little hit and miss but with a coke and service, I left only £15 lighter which, bearing in mind I had eaten 2 types of meat and 1 type of seafood didn’t seem unreasonable. I have heard it can be a bit pricey for dinner but if you are in the mood for Thai at lunch it is worth a try!

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