The Coconut Tree – review

Recently (as of 19th July 2017) Helen and I were lucky enough to get a table at The Coconut Tree in St Pauls in Cheltenham.  We arrived slightly early and were sat at a high table about halfway down the restaurant.  First impressions are great.  The restaurant is well laid out, friendly, not too squashed in, not too open and far apart and really nicely decorated.  We were given our menus and left to it for a few minutes.

Once we had chosen our drinks and food a server came to take out order and was very helpful when it came to asking questions.  She knew what all the dishes and drinks were and how they were different from one another which helped us out as this was the first time here.

We chose; two Egg Hoppers, Beef Kotthu, Devilled Chicken Wings, Hot Battered Spicy Cuttlefish, Mutton Rolls and the Potato Spring.

Egg Hopper

The Egg Hoppers came first and we had one each, suggested by our server.  They’re a thin bowl-shaped pancake with a baked egg in the bottom and 3 condiments or chutneys.  The idea, we were told, is to mix them all together and then wrap the whole thing up and dig in with our hands.  Which we did, and enjoyed it, a lot.  The Egg Hoppers were fantastic.  The mixture of textures was nice and the flavour with the 3 chutneys mixed up was amazing.  I would have these every day for lunch if I could.  They’re probably one of the nicest snackfoods I’ve had for a long time.

Potato Spring

The food all came out slightly staggered which was nice as it gave us time to enjoy each dish.  Next up was the Potato Spring.  This is a whole potato on a stick and cut into a long coil, fried until cooked and served with a tomato dip.  I enjoyed the flavour of the Potato Spring, but the only thing I wasn’t sure about it that it was soft, not crispy.  They’re described as a Pringle but were soft and as such, quite oily.  Like I said though, they did taste great, especially with the dip.

Mutton Rolls

Next up was the Mutton Rolls.  They were like spring rolls with a mutton filling and came with a tomato dip and creamy garlicky dip.  They were crispy, had a bit of spice and were delicious.  A lot of people aren’t keen on mutton as it’s thought of as tough and chewy but these rolls couldn’t be further from that.  Cooked correctly, mutton is a slightly stronger tasting lamb, that’s it.  I loved these rolls and would get them again.

Beef Kotthu

The Beef Kotthu came out next.  It looked like a pad-thai but without the noodles and more vegetables.  It had great tasting chunks of beef, a bit of egg, a nice bit of spice and tasted amazing.  I really enjoyed this.  It looks small but actually when sharing everything it is easy enough food.

Devilled Chicken Wings

Next up, the Devilled Chicken Wings.  We got three in a single portion and they came out in a really nice spicy (as you’d expect from something called Devilled) sauce with vegetables.  The wings were really soft and tender and the meat just fell off the bone.  I really enjoyed them and next time would consider getting a sharing bowl just to have a few more.

Hot Battered Spicy Cuttlefish

The last dish we got was the Hot Battered Spicy Cuttlefish.  It was amazing.  Probably nicer than most crispy squid I’ve had in the past and I loved the soft onions and other vegetables that they had been tossed in.

Overall I loved The Coconut Tree.  It was a really nice place to be and eat.  I felt comfortable and looked after and the food was great.  It wasn’t expensive either.

Helen and I had 2 drinks each and 7 plates of food and it was just over £40.  Another great thing about The Coconut Tree was that it doesn’t automatically charge a service fee, which I love!  There aren’t many things I hate, but an automatic service charge for only 2 people is one of them.

Easily a great 4/5.



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