The Bottle Of Sauce

The Bottle Of Sauce is a new bar in Cheltenham.  It’s a really nice refurbished hotel with a few different areas.

They have the main bar with a small partitioned area, a games room, an amazing outside space and the canteen.  I’ve been a few time and the staff are friendly and fast.

They serve some really nice beers.  Craft Ale and Larger on tap which is only £2.50 during happy hour.  The food is also great.  The Monday to Thursday lunchtime offer is half priced pizza.  And Monday evenings are half price burgers.

All four of us went a couple of weeks ago on a Monday so that we could have cheap beer and burgers before the cinema.  We all ordered the only burger that’s half-priced and two portions of chips between us all.

The burgers came quickly on a metal tray with 4 plates which is quite nice.  As you can see they looked great.  Good salad, good cheese, good condiments.  To my surprise, the burgers came out cooked medium which was the best bit for me.  They were juicy and full of flavour.

Helen and I ordered the truffle fries which aren’t the ones shown.  Above are the rosemary salted fries which I’ve had begore and again are fantastic.  I loved the truffle fries when I had them but a friend of mine thought they were slightly too oily.  Maybe his batch were a touch oily, but I didn’t think that at all.

I have been here a couple of times now and really enjoyed it each time.  The atmosphere is great, the styling is modern, clean and tidy and it’s just a nice place to be.  It’s also dog-friendly which is great.

Loved it!


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