The Green Coffee Machine

I am one of those people who love coffee.  It is something that is only done to an OK level everywhere in places like Starbucks and Costa.

Luckily places like Starbucks and Costa have paved the way for more independent retailers to open and really show off the differences in coffees.  Why would you want to have the same mediocre coffee everywhere?  I would much rather have a new experience in each place I go and try that particular shop or suppliers blend.

Luckily here in Cheltenham we’ve had a couple of new places open in recent years.  The first I’m going to talk about is The Green Coffee Machine (the second is the Scandanavian Coffee Pod, but we’ll review that at a later date).  It started out as a little coffee van that served fantastic coffee, tea and hot chocolate on the Promenade.

The van become so successful that the owners opened a shop opposite the train station entrance.  It’s a fantastic story of doing something so well that they could naturally expand and grow their offering.  Now they’re able to offer iced drinks, pannini’s, soups and juices all in a really nice setting.IMG_20160702_092534

When I first came here it was because I didn’t want the coffee on the station platform, it was pretty boring coffee and probably still is although it has been a long time since I have been there now admittedly.

Now I come to The Green Coffee Machine Shop quite often.  I’m here this morning as I have a meeting later and thought it would be a nice place to come and do a bit of work before…but obviously I ended up writing this review instead.

I have a large Americano and a bacon pannini and both as always are delicious.  A great thing too is that if you get the drink to go, they’ll add sugar for you (white or brown) and add a stopper to the plastic lid to stop spillage.  I know this is small but I’ve never been offered this at Starbucks, no matter how often they ask my name.

I don’t believe the drinks to be overly expensive either.  My large Americano and bacon pannini were £6 (£2.50 and £3.50).  Overall I would always recommend the coffee van if you’re in town or the shop if you’re near the station to anyone.  It’s their own blend which is not too strong but has so much more flavour than other generic places.  They also spend time trying to find guest beans which you can have instead of their normal house bean.

100% recommend.  Visit their site.


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