Cereal Killer Cafe – Birmingham

A spontaneous trip to Birmingham took us out of the Cotswolds early one Saturday, and on arrival we decided to seek some breakfast. The new Grand Central¬†development has an array of eateries – Carluccios, Giraffe plus one of the few remaining Ed’s Diners and after bailing on a lengthy queue at Pauls, Kerry and I strolled on through Link Street towards the Bull Ring and rounding the corner appeared what felt like a 90s kid’s bedroom.

Cereal Killer Cafe, Birmingham

Cereal Killers Cafe has arrived, and offers a staggering selection of cereals and other breakfast treats (mostly from across the pond) following 2 sites in central London. The cereal choice borders on intimidating, then layer on the fact you can opt for ‘cocktails’ which mix in chocolate bars and flavoured milk.


Kerry opted for the Bowloccino (nesquick / coco pops / flake / espresso milk / cafe curl), while I picked a Reese’s peanut butter Pop Tart. We sat retro school desk, and starred at the surroundings made of cartoon bed covers (see above), video cassettes, arcade games and other classic nostalgia. This is a huge throw-back for any 20-30 year old.


At around ¬£3-4 a bowl, many will be perplexed at the concept – and the London branches have courted controversy. The idea of selling cereal in this form is certainly new, but my view is ‘why not?’. The brothers have clearly paid huge attention to the nostalgia-factor, and there are enough options of items you won’t find easily in your local Tescos. In a world where some high streets have 2 or more Costas as a breakfast option, let’s hope this is the first of many Cereal Killer Cafes outside of the capital.